Beth is very knowledgeable about all matters wellness in higher education. She is a skilled trainer while being both professional and personal. — Gail Farmer, Director, Wellness, Central Washington University

As Deputy Director for 5 years of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded A Matter of Degree program, I worked with Beth and participated in several conferences she organized that related to reducing high risk drinking in college communities. She has been highly professional and a good manager. I recommend her without qualification. — Donald Zeigler, PhD, Director, Prevention and Healthy Lifestyles, American Medical Association

Beth has a wealth of skills and knowledge in community public health programming. She has been a tremendous asset to our state in addressing college and underage drinking environments. Beth is extremely personable, detailed, and always reliable. — Curtis Reece, South Carolina Statewide Prevention Network, hired Beth as a Business Consultant in 2004, (Hired more than once.)

Beth is an excellent resource to utilize for your business. Her expertise in strategic planning and other business areas is current and provides you with the skills needed by you and your organization. An excellent resource to have available to you. — Kenneth Healy, Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (Hired more than once.)

Beth is very knowledgeable about alcohol and drug issues as they relate to Higher Education. She has vast experience in both theory and practical application. — Ann Sesti, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Beth was hired by Rowan University’s State-wide College Prevention grant through me when I was consultant for them. She did two presentations for college staff on prevention of alcohol and other drug problems on college campuses. She did an outstanding job, was very responsive to the needs of the faculty and received great reviews. — Norman Salt, MA, CPS, NJ Higher Education Consortium Consultant (Hired more than once.)

Beth has always been committed to providing clients with best practices as it’s relates to collegiate alcohol and other drug abuse. — Dr. Louise Stanger LCSW, Faculty, San Diego State University (Worked as a consultant together.)

Beth is an expert at leading, collaborating, developing and evaluating effective evidence-based and best practice student affairs, health promotion, wellness and prevention services and programs for higher education. I’ve co-presented and worked on several presentations and committees and recommend her without any reservation. — Jim Grizzell, MBA, MA, MCHES, ACSM-HFS (Worked together as a consultant.)

Beth is a thoroughly competent professional. Intelligent, articulate and personable, she is able to design programs, policies and procedures that meet her clients’ needs. — Jim Wuelfing, President and Senior Consultant, The New England Center (Worked together as consultants.)

I had the pleasure of working with Beth as a consultant on an alcohol prevention think tank that she coordinated. Beth was a timely, creative, and innovative group leader. She brings both an academic background and managerial experience to the table and occupies both roles with ease. A true asset to any team or position. — Scott Formica, Researcher, Social Science Research and Evaluation, Inc.

Beth is extremely effective when working with groups as a strategic planner, or on the topic of how environmental management can change your business focus. I recommend Beth without reservation. — Anthony Brown, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Elizabeth City State University

When it comes to identifying strategies to make an impact on college student drinking, Beth’s direct experience with college students, knowledge of the research, and familiarity with policy issues makes her an invaluable and tremendous resource. We talk a lot in this field about how any one thing we do is a piece of an overall puzzle — Beth is skillful in considering how each piece fits, and recognizes ways in which environmental and individually-focused strategies can be implemented in a complementary fashion. I have appreciated every opportunity to work with Beth, and know others will feel the same way. — Jason Kilmer, Research Assistant Professor, University of Washington

I have known and worked with Beth since 1987. Beth is a wealth of information. Not only does Beth know past data, she is always up-to-date with the newest research. She is also able to apply sience-to-practice. I have always been impressed how Beth cam make that connection between science and evidenced based practice. Very imformed and professional. — Ian Wong, Director, Department of Alcohol & Health Education, Tufts University

Beth is an experienced leader in the Higher Education area related to alcohol use and college safety. After attending multiple trainings on topics of strategic planning, social norms marketing, and assessment I contracted with Beth to train staff on-site at my campus. Her work is exemplary and demonstrates her depth of knowledge and expertise in this field. — Mary Jane Rogan, West Chester University (Hired more than once.)

I consider Beth a trusted colleague, always available to help noodle through a difficult challenge, or offer her breadth of contacts and experience to provide a solution to a problem or question. Beth is extremely smart and talented–anyone who hires or works alongside her will quickly come to learn this themselves. Perhaps most importantly, she is a pleasure to work with and made my work at EDC more enjoyable in an often challenging and stressful environment. — Helen Stubbs, Senior Director, Partner Education, Outside the Classroom

Beth is one of a limited number of experts in alcohol prevention within Higher Education. Her skills and training abilities are vast. I especially appreciate her ability to train such that individuals, teams and coalitions will be able to implement the methods learned years beyond the training. — Dan Reilly (Hired more than once.)

Beth is an excellent prevention specialist and consultant. She has years of experience and works extremely well with people. I have learned a lot from he and recommend her highly. — Linda Lederman, Dean, Social Sciences, Arizona State University

Beth provided outstanding work results with respect to work conducted on and around higher education needs to numerous colleges and universities within Pennsylvania. Her work included, but was not limited to, advisory group activities, conference planning, statewide project and strategic planning, facalitation of countless meetings, also conducted numerous trainings to higher education and statewide leaders. — Bill Poe (Hired more than once.)

Beth worked with our statewide coalition in Louisiana to provide critical support in the development of our infrastructure and governing process. In addition, she provided training to emerging college coalitions on the environmental management approach. She was exactly what we needed during those important, formative years.

In addition, Beth and I interacted together many times during her tenure at the Higher Education Center. She is a smart, professional expert in the field of higher education substance abuse prevention and will deliver superior service to anyone who works with her.
— Kristy Miller, Training Manager, National Coalition Institute at Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America

I have worked with Beth on multiple teaching and consulting projects. She has a strong command of group dynamics, being attentive to each participant as well as to the “room” as a whole. Beth is extremely knowledgeable in her field, serving as a resource both formally and informally for countless colleagues. She is dedicated and passionate about her work, a true professional. — Paul Dexter, LCSW, Owner, Compass Consulting, Maine

Beth is a visionary in the field of health promotion. Beth was my direct supervisor for two years on a national college substance abuse and violence prevention program, and I was privileged to work with her.

Beth was an integral member of a visionary team that changed the way colleges and universities practice health promotion among students. Beth’s work as a trainer and course developer and her expertise in substance abuse prevention are well-respected at institutions of higher education around the country.

I learned a lot from Beth, and know she has many more great contributions to make to the field of health and wellness promotion.
— Kellie Anderson, Manager of Interactive Technologies, Education Development Center, Center for College Health and Safety

Beth has an incredible ability to apply her vast knowledge of the field to various contexts (e.g. training or development initiatives). I always found Beth to be very professional and a great colleague to work with who was always willing to share her expertise and work collaboratively to get the job done with a high level of quality. “Committed to excellence” is how I sum up Beth. — Paul Giguere, Senior Research Scientist, Education Development Center, Inc.

I had hired Beth to serve as the lead trainer and education coordinator for the US Department of Education’s Higher Education Center when I was the director. Once I stepped down from that position, I worked with Beth on a series of consulting projects that examined the phenonemon of pregaming, university-level alcohol policy, and training needs for alcohol and other drug coordinators.

Beth brings a great deal of creativity to her work, but her creativity is always anchored in a well-articulated prevention framework and thorough knowledge of both the research literature and university practice. She is highly respected by her colleagues around the country for the quality of her innovative ideas and the quality of her work. I’ve always enjoyed working with Beth and very much appreciate her colleagueship.
— Bill DeJong, Professor, Boston University School of Public Health

Beth is simply the best in the business. I highly recommend her for any prevention work related to college health. Beth represents the consummate professional. — Tavis Glassman, Assistant Professor, University of Toledo

Beth is one of the most thoughtful and talented colleagues I have ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. She is a genius at curriculum development, systems analysis and consulting on complete issues.

Beth has a breath of experience in academia and at the Education Development Center (EDC), an international, non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing learning and promoting health.

I am confident Beth DeRicco Consulting will provide first rate services to those seeking her knowledge and expertise delivered with passion and executed with skill.
— George Parks, Ph.D., Director of Community Training and Program Dissemination, Addictive Behaviors Research Center

Beth is a diligent, passionate, and intelligent manager. I am confident that her clients will be pleased with the results should they hire her as a consultant. — Paul Gaines, Associate Dean of Students, University of Connecticut